How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Most dogs get the hang of this very quickly, but with other dogs it may take some time. Don’t stress, and don’t yell at, hit, or kick your dog. You have to think of it as them being in preschool. They won’t always get it perfect, but they will learn, with plenty of time and patience.

1. First, make sure you have a few small treats (training treats work best) All dogs have different prefrences, so some dogs may prefer bacon treats, others may prefer grain-free treats, and some dogs prefer butt scratches the most! You also have to switch it up according to their taste. If they love playing fetch, every time they obey a command throw a ball. The next time, give them a treat, the third time, simply praise them, and give them a couple warm hugs. Pay attention to what your dog(s) respond to best.

2. Use your reward as bait. Say, “(your dog’s name), sit!” Say it gently but firmly, so you do not scare your dog, but also so it is easy for them to understand.Then, hold the reward by your side until they sit. When they do, say “good boy!” or “good girl!” Then , give them the treat, throw the tennis ball, or rub their bellies for a moment. When they return the ball or eat the treat, (or once you finish petting them,) Repeat this step. It may not happen instantly,  but it will happen eventually.

3. Once they are able to respond positively every time,  Begin  taking away the reward. Lets say, if you practiced “sit” with your dog six times in one day, you would give your dog a reward (treat, butt scratch, or throw the ball) then, the second time, do a treat (a tiny, tiny piece. the third time, do no reward at all. The fourth time, use a piece of your dog’s food as a reward (JUST ONE PEICE OF FOOD) The fifth time, use no reward. Then, the sixth time, throw a ball, or give them a bone, or give them belly rubs. Continue this pattern until you are able to completely take away the treat and still have them obey.

** Please, do not yell at, push, kick, or harm your dog in any way!!!!**


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