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A cold front is on its way to Houston – Are your pets prepared?

The Official Houston SPCA Humane Education Blog

The forecast is looking chilly for the Houston area! With temperatures expected to drop we all want to make sure our pets are prepared for the cold weather.


Provide proper shelter for your pet whether indoors or outdoors. Indoor pets should have their bed or crate placed in a safe and warm place that is away from drafts.

Outdoor pets should have a well insulated house that is wind AND waterproof as well as elevated off the ground so wind and moisture cannot find a way inside.

Extra blankets and straw will also help increase your pet’s warmth.

Make sure to keep room and floor heaters away from your pets as they are an obvious fire hazard and could cause serious injuries.

Food & Water

Make sure to provide fresh , clean water for your pets every day. Each pet should always have a fresh water source.

Outdoor pets…

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Houston SPCA Tips for a Pet-Safe Valentine’s Day

The Official Houston SPCA Humane Education Blog


The kittens are playing, the bunnies are hopping, and the puppies are cuddling – love is in the air at the Houston SPCA! Here are a few tips on keeping your pets safe during this day of caring and affection.

1. Giving a beautiful bouquet? Lose the lilies. Lily flowers are toxic to cats and can cause renal failure. Even a tiny bite of any part of the lily plant can be deadly to your kitties. To make sure your pets are safe, keep all floral arrangements and plants out of reach of your pets.  If your cat accidentally ingests any part of the lily flower, take them to your veterinarian immediately.

dog-chocolateno chocolate-resized-600.jpg

2. Keep the chocolates to yourself! Most people know that chocolate is toxic to dogs. The toxicity level depends on the kind of chocolate – baker’s, semi-sweet, milk, or dark – however they are all toxic even when baked…

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Anybody Heard About Zombie Cat?

Hit by a car. Had an eye removed during surgery. Jaw was fixed. The cat was proclaimed dead and the owners buried it. Five days later? It was found in the neighbors yard, alive. It. Dug. Itself. Out. Now, the owners can’t the cat back, but the Humane society won’t do it. So, go figure, the owners sued the Humane Society. Or at least tried to.

Long live zombie/miracle cat!!!!!:) And may he get the TLC and constant companionship he needs!!!

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Protecting Your Pets: Heartworm Disease

Important stuff!!! 😊

The Official Houston SPCA Humane Education Blog

In our newest Humane Education Blog series, ‘Protecting Your Pets,’ we will discuss a variety of issues that all pet owners should be aware of. Keep reading to find out how to best protect your pets!

You have probably heart of heartworms before – they sound rather unpleasant but do you really know how they can affect your pet’s health?

Heartworm disease is a serious, life threatening condition in dogs and a major cause of heart disease in cats. It is caused by the presence of the adult stage of the parasite Dirofilaria immitis in the pulmonary arteries and the right ventricle of the heart.

Sounds serious, right? It most definitely is. Heartworm disease can be fatal for your pet BUT is completely PREVENTABLE!

How is heartworm disease transmitted?

It only takes 1 bite from an infected mosquito to transmit heartworm disease to your pets. And there are 22 different mosquito…

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