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This Dog Tried To Save This Fish By Splashing Water On It! [VIDEO]


Animals are sooo affectionate!!

This sweet dog saw a fish dying because it was out of water, so he used his nose to splash water from a puddle on to the fish to try to save it! See the amazing video…

At one point in the video, the dog eve nudges at the fish to see if it is being revived.

From Youtube:

“In the city of Phetchaburi in Thailand, a dog senses that the fish are out of the water and unconscious tries not to let them die by spraying water with its snout.

The dog can be seen trying to splash water onto a fish with its tongue, perhaps in the hope of reviving them.

The pet has multiple efforts, as when it fails to have the desired effect on the first fish, transfers his resucitation attempt to a second fish lying nearby.”





Am I White with Black Stripes or Black with White stripes?

#Zebra #Seoul #Zoo #Korea

What a great question to ask. What do you think?


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