The Love In The World

I feel like all my posts are really shallow, and, in the end, self-centered. So, despite the love/hate relationship for it, I’m writing an in-depth article about what? Animals.

I guess, technically, this begins being about me, but hey, every story must start somewhere.

So, this holiday season I had the incredible opportunity to visit my cousins that live in Missouri. In Missouri, about 45 or so minutes from their house, there’s an animal shelter called KC Pet Project. (Now mind me- I am using them as an example– but in a good way!) It was an incredible shelter. The people there were incredibly nice and caring. There were three rooms– the cats, the dogs, and the bathroom. The first room you walk into is the dog room. About 6 feet from the door, I saw something that made me scream delight. A dog. (And you’re thinking– wow… a dog…. at an animal shelter….) It was a Pit Bull Terrier named Arturo. He was a glossy strawberry blond male who was brought in Christmas Eve. Why? I didn’t get the chance to ask, I was too busy focusing all of my attention into not getting my hand stuck through the metal grates of his kennel as I reached through- desperately- to pet him. He gave me some sloppy kisses, his tail banging hard against his kennel, his water dish flinging water everywhere. My baby cousin, Joan, came over. “Doggie!” I told her. “Good doggie.” She said, reaching through his kennel, easily, to pet him. He licked her hand, and, when she wasn’t looking, licked her cheek. Every time the dogs there would get riled up, barking at some dog they could see walking across the street, I would hush Arturo softly, stroking his incredible fur as I did so. Soon, I had Joan following my lead. “Shhhh,” She’d say gently, and next thing I knew, she was across the room, hushing some giant Shepard mix that quite frankly, would have intimidated me. But Joan just stood below his raised kennel. Looking up at him, “Shh, okay.” She’d say, “It’s okay.” That was what I had been saying to Arturo, and she went around, shushing the dogs, one female who nibbled gently on her fingers as she pet the top of the dog’s head. Another, a half-asleep senior collie-looking dog who just looked at her, got up, and plopped down right against the kennel wall. Right where Joan could pet her. That moment really touched me, especially knowing her dad’s dislike for dogs. She must have known she wouldn’t have ever gotten a dog, because I later found her with the cats, which I admire. I know that her charming smile and sweet voice will one day make the entire world give on on animal abuse and testing, neglect and starvation. One day, the whole world’s going to see her and let the animals live with us in peace.

This post is for Arturo, the dog I fell in love with, and Amy, the dog who caught my eye last minute, but stole my heart forever. Also to Joan, Kelly, Leah, Jane, Alisa, and Rebecca, for their unyielding love and appreciation for all kinds- humans and animals alike. Also to Siousxsie, Zeppelin, and Ozzy, my incredibly loving and amazing hyper fur babies.   


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