One Man’s Crusade to Help Feral Cats

The world needs more people like him!!!!

Helder Da Silva of Toronto found and rescued a frozen kitten four years ago at his place of work, the compassionate act would become instrumental in changing his life and the lives of many homeless cats.

Da Silva who has six cats of his own has racked up over 140,000 km on his car over the past four years traveling to cat colonies everyday across the city providing about 35 homeless cats with donated food and water he told the Toronto Star.

cats, Cat men, Toronto, Homeless cats, feral cats, stray cats, cat crisis in Toronto, Adopt, spay and neuter cats, responsible cat ownership, don't dump cats, unwanted cats, A man making a difference for cats in Toronto, Hero for cats, kittens,Toronto Humane Society, Toronto Animal Services, Free spay neuter clinic, cat colony caretakers, Helder Da Silva Helder Da Silva feeds cats daily at four locations in the around the city – Source Sadiya Ansari Toronto Star

“I’ve lost a lot of respect for the human race because this is all done by people — careless, ignorant, uneducated. It shouldn’t be happening,” said Da Silva.

While food is a concern for the cats so is the source of available water  “They’re dying of…

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