A Change

Change happens every day. It happens all around us. It happens to us. There’s nothing we can do to stop change. Some change is good. Some change sucks. But we have to get used to it and we need to be able to stick up for what we believe in, whether it’s to create greater change or to temporarily postpone change. Yes, that’s right, we can change the change! I have been really into doing service lately. I made 107 dog toys for some of my local animal shelters. I made cards for my local animal shelters. I babysat, and I had the kids help me make a big, poster board sign of service projects you can do. Service is amazing. Service has the power to stop (or postpone) the bad change from happening. It can make good change happen. Below is a list of service projects I created, and I hope I can do in the near future. (I hope you will maybe do them too!)

Winter Wishes

  • Buy some new socks (neutral colors)
  • Buy fruit snacks, gloves/mittens, toothpaste. toothbrushes, and coupons for grocery stores
  • Stuff the socks with the items above (make sure you give TWO socks)
  • Put the bundles in your car, so when you are driving and you see a homeless man or woman, you can give them one of them!

Tuggy Toys

  • Get three strips of fabric (no smaller than 6 inches in length)
  • Braid the pieces together, tying each end (beginning and end) With TIGHT knots
  • Donate the toys to your local animal shelter for the dogs to play with

Fluff Ball

  • Wrap 4+ yards of fabric around your middle and pointer fingers
  • Use a 3 inch piece of the same yarn to tie a knot in-between your fingers
  • Slide the yarn off of your fingers
  • (your creation should resemble a bow) cut a straight snip at the top loops of the bow, thus creating a fluff ball.
  • Fluff the fluff ball out more
  • Attach with a long piece of string to a wooden dowel
  •  Donate the toys to your local animal shelter for the cats to play with

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