Hi, my name is Mesha, aka Princess Pea, because I am as sweet as can be! I have the most sunny disposition you will ever come across and a face that will melt your heart. I am a very special girl that will need someone to help me with my very special needs. I came into rescue back in July of 2012 and my rear legs were paralyzed from a parasite that attacked my spinal nerves which caused my legs to be very stiff and left me unable to use them. Moonsong and my foster Mom tried for several months with physical therapy to try and help me regain some use in my legs but because I was still growing and developing they were unable to help me. My legs became deformed and caused a lot of pain for me since I still had some feeling left in them. The decision was made with the help of several Vets to amputate both rear legs and alleviate my pain. Thanks to several donors we were able to perform the surgery the end of November 2012. I am so much happier now without my legs that just got in my way and I don’t have that pain any longer. I still have some physical therapy to go through once I am a little better but I am excited to play again.

I am a very mellow sweet girl for a puppy and all that I have been through but I still like to chase cats when I get a chance. I think I may finally be able to catch them since I don’t have those legs any longer! I will probably never be fully potty trained because I have limited control from what happened to me but I try my best to hold it. My foster Mom says if you can stick to a schedule I am pretty good. I love my foster brother and sister right now and would love to have a playmate, probably best if it is a boy. I would really like a home where someone can be around most of the time so I don’t have any accidents and can be properly cared for. If you have the time and lots of patience and love for me then I am your girl and promise to give lots of sweet kisses.

See adoption information and fill out an adoption application for me here!

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STATUS/LOCATION: Available. In foster care, Heber City, UT. Please contact Holly – – for more information about Mesha.

Mesha needs a home without access to cats.

I  found her on PetFinder. She’s been up for adoption since January (I think that’s when I first saw her!) Heartbreaking. If you want a dog or know someone who wants one and wants to help, please do!


A Change

Change happens every day. It happens all around us. It happens to us. There’s nothing we can do to stop change. Some change is good. Some change sucks. But we have to get used to it and we need to be able to stick up for what we believe in, whether it’s to create greater change or to temporarily postpone change. Yes, that’s right, we can change the change! I have been really into doing service lately. I made 107 dog toys for some of my local animal shelters. I made cards for my local animal shelters. I babysat, and I had the kids help me make a big, poster board sign of service projects you can do. Service is amazing. Service has the power to stop (or postpone) the bad change from happening. It can make good change happen. Below is a list of service projects I created, and I hope I can do in the near future. (I hope you will maybe do them too!)

Winter Wishes

  • Buy some new socks (neutral colors)
  • Buy fruit snacks, gloves/mittens, toothpaste. toothbrushes, and coupons for grocery stores
  • Stuff the socks with the items above (make sure you give TWO socks)
  • Put the bundles in your car, so when you are driving and you see a homeless man or woman, you can give them one of them!

Tuggy Toys

  • Get three strips of fabric (no smaller than 6 inches in length)
  • Braid the pieces together, tying each end (beginning and end) With TIGHT knots
  • Donate the toys to your local animal shelter for the dogs to play with

Fluff Ball

  • Wrap 4+ yards of fabric around your middle and pointer fingers
  • Use a 3 inch piece of the same yarn to tie a knot in-between your fingers
  • Slide the yarn off of your fingers
  • (your creation should resemble a bow) cut a straight snip at the top loops of the bow, thus creating a fluff ball.
  • Fluff the fluff ball out more
  • Attach with a long piece of string to a wooden dowel
  •  Donate the toys to your local animal shelter for the cats to play with

Free child to good home

I love this article. It is true, you wouldn’t do this to a kid, so DON’T do it to an animal!!!!!


This was on Austin’s Craigslist.

Rehoming child to good home. Need gone ASAP!

Please help! After two long years of being on a waiting list for an exotic rare breed dog, we were finally notified by the breeder that at long last, our number has come up, and… WE’RE HAVING A PUPPY!

We must IMMEDIATELY get rid of our children now, because we just KNOW how time consuming our new little puppy is going to be! Since our puppy will be arriving on Monday, we MUST place the children in new homes this weekend!!!

They are described as:

One male, white, blonde hair, blue eyes. Four years old. Excellent disposition. He doesn’t bite. Name is David. Temperament tested. Current on all shots. Tonsils removed already and very healthy condition! David eats everything, is very clean, house trained and gets along well with others. Does not run with scissors and with…

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