If anyone is suffering.. it’s the animals.

Every day, animals are abused and neglected. Talented Tails believes that this is unacceptable. We want to end this , because animals need and deserve love just like us people. Animals do not have voices, (except for barks, meows, and oinks…) so we must be their voice. We must speak up for them. When aniamals are abused, they get scared and confused. They also develop a strong hatrid for people (which can even be be specificaaly toward their abusers’ gender.) Then, it is hard for them to be rescued and adopted out, so they are often put down.                                                                                                            

If you ever wittness any type of abuse or neglect being acted upon to animals, please take pictures and videos to gather evidence, then show the evidence to your local rescue shelter or santuary. (If you live near one, we STRONGLY suggest you notify Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.)

Thanks for being fantastic, everyone! Stay fabulous!                                                                                                                               -Talented Tails




Talented Tails– Our Mission

We want to get all stray animals off of the streets and into loving, kind homes. We want every animal to feel loved by everyone, and we need them to feel safe and comfortable at all times. We want to completely banish ANY dog fighting in all communities, EVERYWHERE, so that no dogs are killed. We are strong believers that animal abuse is never an option. People should never abandon their animals, or leave them with someone that you do not know very well. With everyone’s help, we can accomplish and live up to our Mission. Thank you,
-President and Vice-president, Talented Tails